1927 Singer Model 66

This page is all about "Freddie Mae", a sweet 1927 Singer Model 66 treadle machine that I got as a Christmas present from my Sister-in-law and her husband.  It belonged to his grandmother, Freddie Mae.  Even though the woman is no longer with us, memories of her live on in the hearts of her family.  This machine was special to Freddie Mae, and as such it held a special place in many childhood memories for my brother in law and his family.  

When I got this lovely machine, it was rust free, but in need of some serious TLC.  I am chronicling the restoration process here for his family and everyone else to see. With any luck, when I'm finished they will be able to see it as the real Freddie Mae once did.  Follow along as I restore "Freddie Mae" to her former glory, learn about this popular Singer model treadle machine and the woman who loved her before I did.

The Restoration of Freddie 
WARNING: the following posts are filled with numerous very detailed images which non-sewing types may find to be tedious and boring.  It also includes simple definitions and explanations which sewing types will find boring.   If in doubt of your constitution, proceed with caution and a cup of coffee or tea.


  1. Thank you for posting I'm Just about to embark on the restoration of a singer 66k 1923 Egyptian Lotus Treadle Your restoration will be so helpful..thank you

  2. I was just gifted with a Singer 15 (I think) in a lovely cabinet all in need of restoration. Your pictures and descriptions have been really helpful. Can't wait till Spring to start my project. Thank you!


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