Jan 17, 2014

1927 Singer Model 66 Restoration Pt. 4 - Removing and Cleaning the Bobbin Winder and Belt Cover

With the Clutch Knob and Balance/Hand Wheel  still off, I figure I should take care of the other removable parts nearby like the:

Belt Cover - Covers the top portion of the belt.

Bobbin Winder - Should have a rubber wheel which when set against the turning balance wheel, winds the bobbin.  Freddie's wheel is long gone, probably rotted away. Note to self: order parts. 

Removing the Belt Cover

  • The bobbin winder is attached to the belt cover and the belt cover has to come off the machine to get the bobbin winder off.

  • Begin by removing the screw that holds the belt cover to the shaft.

  • Then just lift it off.  Yep!  That's plenty dirty.

  • In the last picture, you can see that this part of the machine is also suffering from issues with the black paint.


Breaking it Down
  • Remove the 2 screws holding the Belt cover to the Bobbin Winder."thar be springs in some of them there screwy ma-giger thingies" Take your time and  be careful.  You don't want to loose those springs, and you need to pay attention to how they go back in and where they engage the other parts. 

  • For example, there are 3 holes for the spring in picture 1 to start in, the screw driver points to the location that mine started in.

  • Picture 2  bobbin winder is disassembled. 

  • Picture 3 is the back side of the disc thingy with it's screw and washer.  I had to soak it with liquid wrench to get it off.  Note to self: Learn sewing machine part names.

Want to hear a dirty joke?  

Freddie once had some dirty parts.

What to hear a clean joke?  

They got cleaned.

Now that the parts are clean, do you remember how you took them apart so you can put it all back together?


Then it's a good thing Claire over at the Errant Pear has a great tutorial on how to put your bobbin winder back together.

Next Up:


  1. Anonymous3/02/2016

    Hi, enjoyed your pics and your parts names lol. I am working on my Tiffany 15 with the identical winder except that the round 'cam' fits with the heart shaped side to the front. Mine looks like your before pic and I want it to look like your after pic. What did you use to clean the metal parts. I'm in Canada so not always able to find the same products. Great blog, thanks!! Kath

    1. Hi Kath,

      On the metal parts, I started with WD-40, and followed with a metal polish. I think I also used denatured alcohol on some of the metal parts because it really cut through the old oil, just be sure to keep it away from the painted areas unless you want to strip the shellac/varnish and remove the color from any decals. Good luck with your project.


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