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Where is my comment?

Has it been 24 hrs.?  
  Sometimes, it takes me longer than a day to moderate comments.  If that is the case, it's usually a day where I'm too busy being a mom to check my email.  I'll get to it as soon as I can.  If you feel it has been too long, please repost.

Did it have a link?  Inappropriate content?  Personal information?  Did it look like Spam?
If you answered yes, there is your answer.  I do not publish comments with links, inappropriate content, personal information or that scream "I am spam".

If you have a blog or website that you feel is related to the content of this blog and want to have it considered for placement on my links page, please type the web address in the comment section along with a brief description and your name.  I will not publish that comment, but I will review your site and if I like it, I will paste the address onto my links page.

Do you take commissions?

Nope!  I find that having 3 kids, a husband, pets, friends, hobbies and trying to occasionally post things on this blog keep me plenty busy.  In order to do custom projects, I'd have to take time from one of those things.  On rare occasions, I will do a small job for a close friend, and you will usually see the results here, but it is the exception, not the norm.

How do I find x, y, or z?

Look at the end of the alphabet.  Just joking, I couldn't resist.   If you are looking for something specific, you have a few choices.  You can use the search box located on the right side of the page.  You can use the topic labels (just under the search box), or you can use the tabs at the top of the page.    I try to make my site as navigable as possible.  If you ever have suggestions, please leave me a comment in the comment sections.

Is this the right place, it looks different than what I remember?

From time to time, This place needs some freshening up, and I may make changes like updating content on old posts, changing the backgrounds and color settings, or other cosmetic things.  It's still the same place, just better.

You don't have contact info, how can I reach you?

Leave me a comment in the comment section.  If you want to leave a message with your e-mail or phone number, go ahead, I won't post the comment but I will contact you ASAP.   

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