Mom Planner

I admire those people who are naturally organized.

You know them.  The ones who never try, but somehow always have their stuff together.  I even admire the technologically organized, the ones who keep up with everything on their smart phone or their computer.

I am not one of those people.

I'm lucky to keep a thought in my head for more than a minute these days and rarely use my phone.   It often sits uncharged and untouched on the counter for days.  It is a sad, sad state of affairs.  So I really do need a planner to keep me organized, but I cringe at the thought of spending $$$ on a ready made planner that doesn't fit my life or organizational style.

What's a girl to do?

In the spirit of the "Mom Board".  I've decided to create a "Mom Planner"- a personal planner that does it all and fits my life and my style.  It'll take some trial and error and lots of work, but if I can pull this off it will get me one step closer to that elusive ideal of balance.  Feel free to come along for the ride, it might not be smooth, but I think it'll be worth it.

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Want to try and DIY a binder for yourself but don't have time to wait for me to post printables, or maybe I've posted them and they don't fit your life?

You're not out of luck, there are tons of other printables out there that other bloggers have been kind enough to share.  I'll add some of my favorites below as time allows.

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