Sep 2, 2015

Mom Planner - My DIY Planner Adventure Pt. 1

As part of my New School Year Resolution to get organized, I decided I really need a planner of some sort to keep up with...well, everything.  But, I refuse to spend big money on a ready made planner that's not designed for my lifestyle, so I'm going to try to DIY one.  As I go, I'll share my process Step by step, show you what I learn along the way, and add links for free printable pages on the Mom Planner Page.

Step 1 - Choose a format.  

(Binder, Notebook, or Digital)
There are so many planner options out there these days. For me, a mini binder is the perfect choice, not too big, not too small so it's easy to carry.  I'm a visual and tactile learner.  Having pages to flip helps me keep info in my head.  I think that is why I have a hard time using a phone or computer as a planner.  I guess a bound notebook could also work, but I like the freedom to rearrange that a binder gives.   I can take pages out, put new ones in and instantly replace pages that are torn or messy.  My penmanship may be horrific, but messy pages play havoc with my OCD and leave me feeling irritated.  Irritation = emotional unbalance, so mini binder it is. 

Step 2 - Decide what to put inside.

One of my biggest organizational problems is keeping up with information, like dates and times of appointments, phone numbers (remember I don't use my cell phone so no one is on speed dial), and grocery lists.  

So for me, a planner needs to have sections for the following:

  • Calendar - needs to cover the entire school year, have room to write appointments, and ideally be expandable.
  • Contact Information - important phone numbers for doctors, dentists, the vet, emergency contacts and such.
  • Children - one section for each kid to serve as a place to keep up with school/activity schedules and things specific to each child.
  • Schools - one stop for school contact info and blank school notes to be filled out quickly on crazy mornings.
  • Daily TTD
  • Menu/Grocery Planning
  • Ideas - for blog or anything else.
  • Notes - filled with scrap paper to jot things down.
Step 3 - Gather materials:

3-ring Pocket (sized to binder)

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