Mar 6, 2013

Plans for the "Mega Mom Board"

Here are the plans I used for the Mega Mom Board.  Be sure to check out the original post to see the inspiration for this project, and other mom boards/command centers that will inspire you.

*Coming Soon*
Mom Board 2.0
Check back  often to see when the free plans and finished product images post.

Dimensions: 37.5" x 30.25"

Materials and Tools
Shopping List:
2 - 1x2 @ 8 ft ( you only need 10 ft)
1 - 1x3 @ 8 ft ( you only need 14")
1- 1x6 @ 6ft (you only need about 4 ft)
half sheet of 1/4" masonite for back(could also be plywood)
sheet metal or dry erase board cut to approximately 13"x30"(optional)
1/4 sheet of 1/4" ply for file bins
screws, nails or panel tacks.
3 - coat hooks
2 - single robe hooks (optional)
chalkboard paint
wood glue
finish of your choice

table saw, circular saw or jig saw
hand saw and miter box

Cut List:
2 - 1x2  @ 12
2 - 1x2  @ 13.5"one end cut to 45 degrees
1 - 1x2  @ 24" both ends cut to 45 degrees
2 - 1x2  @ 24" one end cut to 45 degrees
1 - 1x2  @ 30.25" both ends cut to 45 degrees
1 - 1x3  @ 12"
2 - 1x3  @ .75"
1 - 1/4 " masonite or sanded ply cut to 37.5"x 30.25"
2 - 1/4" sanded ply  7"x12
2 - 1/4" sanded ply  roughly 3"x 12" cut to "file bin side" template

Cutting Instructions: 
Cut file bin sides using the template provided.

General Instructions
I am not an expert, nor do I pretend to be.  This plan might have unintentional mistakes.  I am sure there are other, possibly better ways to assemble this project, or more efficient ways to cut materials, but this is how I did it.  Please keep in mind that I was building to suit a specific space, and attempting to use scraps I had on hand.  The materials list I am giving is if you are starting from nothing.  Please read through the plan before you begin.  Take all necessary precautions when building and always work on a clean level surface keeping safety first, and last (according to Mike Rowe).  If you are new to projects like this, I strongly recommend visiting Ana White's blog and looking over her getting started page.  While you are there be sure to check out all of her amazing free plans, and her current project.

Step 1    Prepare the foundation board
To make my own chalkboard, I primed  masonite and then used a spray paint chalkboard paint, because my brush on/ roll on stuff is still tucked away in a box that hasn't been unpacked yet. In my opinion, the spray stuff doesn't cover as well, and I will not use it again.
After "creating" the chalkboard, I tacked  the sheet metal in place.  FYI, fresh cut sheet metal is sharp.  Wear gloves when handling it and be sure to place it so it will be covered by the boards frame and won't extend past any of edges.

Step 2    Build the Big Shelf
Assemble the shelf, by gluing and screwing the 2x6s together as shown.  I have a Kreg Jig, so I chose to do this with pocket holes.  If you don't have a Kreg Jig, I think it work fine if you screw from the shelf edge straight down into the shelf support.
Step 3    Build the Little Shelf
This little shelf starts the same way as the big shelf, by gluing and screwing your 1x2 and 1x3 together.

(Optional) add a 1x2 to the front, and scrap 1x3's cut to 3/4" on the sides, to keep little thing like pens and spare change from rolling of falling off your shelf.

Step 4   Build the frame.

Step 5  Join the frame to the board
 nailing from the back side.

Step 6   Add the shelves. 

Step 7   And the Letter Bins
This is a modification of the PB INSPIRED DAILY SYSTEM - LETTER BIN  on Anna White's site by Lady Goats. Go to the above link to see how she puts hers together.  You will need to notch out the bottom corners of the top bin front, and her tutorial on this and how to weight the fronts as they dry is fabulous! 
Glue and nail the bin sides to the side of the frame.
Glue the bin fronts in place.  
Step 8   Finishing Touches

Once everything is dry, you can paint or stain your project add the coat hooks and whatever other details you like.  I added trim around the chalkboard, under the center frame piece on the sheet metal side, and around the calendar frame.  Looking for a free and super cute printable calendar like the one in my picture?

Don't miss my other free plans!


  1. This is amazing! Can't wait to make one!

  2. Anonymous3/07/2013

    This is amazing, my friend. Everything you build/sew is so professionally done!

  3. This may be a REALLY stupid question, but could you just use a piece of uncut sheet metal, like what I've gotten at Lowes before in the dryer vent area, instead of the Masonite or plywood?

    1. I think it's a great question, and I think it could work nicely. Make sure when you attach the board to the wall, that you are drilling through the 1x6 into the studs, which you should be doing anyway. And of course, be very careful with cut edges of the sheet metal.

      FWIW, I wanted to use only sheet metal behind the bins, but the piece I had on hand was too short, and because I had already used masonite for the chalkboard I needed it all over the back to make things even. Since I was using mostly scraps to make my board, my Masonite was actually in 3 pieces. The first was a 2'x2' for the chalkboard, the second one behind the bins, and the third under the 1x6.

  4. This looks great and so functional but I am anxious about working with sheet metal. I'll ask my husband to help me with my first metal project, since that's his business anyway. Then I'll try it myself!

    1. I was nervous about it at first also. I used the thin stuff used in heating ducts,it cuts easily with tin snips. I also wore my heavy gardening gloves to be safe. If you don't care about it being magnetic, you could also use cork board instead. Good Luck!

  5. I am so excited to find this!! I made a "command center" in our last house from several different frames/menus/etc, but that won't work in our new place. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get it back. This is amazing! Thank you!!

  6. Thank you for this! I'm super excited to give it a go!

  7. Thank you for posting this! We just finished our own version of this and I absolutely love it!

    1. Your very welcome. I saw your project on your blog and loved it so much that I put a pic and link on my original mom board post, but I'll put it here as well for anyone reading the comments who wants some extra inspiration. Lisa's more practically sized version is here:


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