Mar 5, 2013

Project #1 Mom Board

I "cut my building teeth" making a "mom board" for our old house.  Inspired by Ann White's  Chalkboard Cubby Shelf, the old mom board was very simple, just a chalkboard with a shelf and some hooks.  I loved it, but had to leave it behind when we moved.  

I knew that a new "mom board" would be the first project in our new house.  Having a bigger house brought dreams of a bigger and better mom board.  It had to look good, but be more than just a pretty face.  It had to multitask as well as I do, and calm the chaos while juggling the daily influx of papers with the same ease that it managed messages and coats.  

My new and improved "Mega Mom Board" has a chalkboard, shelf and hooks like the last one.  It also has letter bins for important papers, a magnetic board to hold the family calendar, plus additional hooks for keys and a bucket to hold the chalk. 

Our ceilings are 9', and since I'm 5'10", I made it big and hung it high to make the best use of the space.  The finished board measures 37 1/2" wide by 30 1/2" tall.  

Like what you see and want to try building one for yourself? 

Get Free Plans for the Mega Mom Board. 
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*Coming Soon*
Mom Board 2.0
Check back  often to see when the free plans and finished product images post.

Have you made a mom board of your own?  
Whether you use my plan, were inspired by it, or just did your own thing, I'd love to see it and show it off to inspire others.  So leave me a comment with a pic or link and I'll post them here.
Command center for a
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