Sep 25, 2013

Owl Themed Baby Shower Cake

A very dear friend of mine is expecting a little girl very soon.  She is such a special lady and I am always in awe of her abilities.  When I was approached about helping with her baby shower, it was a no brainier to offer up my services and provide the cake.  However, it took a bit more thought to come up with just the right design.  At first, being unaware of the recent "owl" trend in home decor and all things baby, I was a bit stumped by the owl theme of the party.  I know, I know, how could I not have known.

 5 minutes with Pintrest and my attitude went from

"Really? Owls?"  
"YES, of course! OWLS!  

The guest of honor already has two girls and is a super busy always on the go, never gets enough sleep, but always smiles about it kind of gal.  Her husband has a job which requires him to travel alot especially recently.  He'd been gone for over a month by the time her shower rolled around.  Can you imagine?  8 months along and taking care of two demanding little ones on your own.  
I don't know how she does it. 

So the sleepy Mama owl and her little owl to be sit at the top of the cake.  Her two owlets perch on branches below. 


Since her husband was still out of town for work at the time of the shower, papa owl is out of the nest, but was represented on the back of the cake by a bird flying away, or back home depending on how you look at it. 

 Luckily, she found the humor in that like I knew she would.

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