Sep 27, 2013

How to Paint Your Apple Doll's Face

Once you have carved your apple doll, let it dry and given it eyes, you must decide how to finish it.  You have the option of leaving it natural, sealing it without painting, or painting it and sealing it.  

By leaving it natural, it will over time continue to oxidize turning brown and eventually black.  By sealing the doll's head, you slow down and hopefully avoid the oxidation process all together.  I like to add a bit of color to my dolls' faces before sealing them.  I feel it gives the doll character and helps their personality shine through.  Here is how I do it.

Acrylic paint, paint brushes, sealant (not pictured)

First, I start with blush.  I usually go for a natural flush, but on occasion  I have a lady who prefers a more garish application. 

1. With a small paintbrush, I slightly dampen the cheek area so the apple takes the paint more evenly.

2.Then, I apply a small amount of watered down paint to the cheek.

3.Blending it  around the edges with a  paintbrush that is just barely damp with water only.

4. The doll ends up with a nice rosy glow.  If it isn't right, I can add more layers for a darker color.


5.  Next, add  this rosy color onto the eyelids, nose or anywhere else our lady could use some blush.  You can use this process with other colors as well to create eye shadow.

6. and 7.  Paint the mouth.  

For a more natural look, you can use watered down paint, and just accent the crease of the mouth as in 6.  This little lady doesn't leave the house without her lipstick, so I used a stronger color and painted the entire lip area 7.

The final step is to apply a couple of thin coats of a clear flexible sealant like Modge Podge. 

Since this doll head will serve as a demonstration piece for an upcoming event, I have left the apple stem intact to prove she's an apple.  She will likely never get hair or a body, let alone clothes.  Poor girl.  But even in this state her personality is starting to shine through.  

If she was not for demonstration, the next step would be to give her hair, create a body and make her an outfit.  Can't you just imagine what a dainty lady she would be?

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