Sep 30, 2013

Beautiful Butterfly Cake

Remember the Owl Baby Shower Cake?  This super sweet beauty of a butterfly cake made her way to one of the little girls in that family for her 5th birthday.  

It was inspired by this cake on Pintrest, but we customized it for the little girl Emily who loves pink and purple and is even sweeter and more adorable than this cake..  

To make the butterfly, I used 3 heart shaped cakes, one for each top wing, and the third cut in half to make the bottom wings.  The center was made of rice cereal treats.  The cake was iced with buttercream and accented with Sixlets and M&Ms.  I had some flower picks that matched the colors nicely, so they became the antenna.

What's my favorite thing about this cake?  That's easy.  Emily's reaction when she saw it.  She leaned over to her mommy with a huge grin and whispered secretively "It's beautiful."

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