Jan 30, 2015

F.F.F and I'm back!

I took a long break from blogging, but that doesn't mean I was goofing off.  Nope, It's been crazy busy here, but not too busy to help out a friend who needs a Birthday cake for her little girl.  So today's F.F.F. (Fun Food Friday) is all about that cake.

My friend and her daughter really liked this cake from  Disney Living Online, but wanted to personalize it a bit.

Instead of the number "1", they want the top tier to be a circle, and instead of stars for the her name and age, they want "Mickey" heads, plus this beauty needs to feed 60.  

The party isn't until tomorrow, so I'm just in the baking stage right now, and my house smells wonderfully of chocolate cake, which is so good, and so bad.  I recently found out I'm sensitive to gluten, so taste testing the batter and the trimmings is a job I've had to hand over to the kids.  At least they do the work for free.  

Once the layers are all baked and iced, I'll post an update with pictures.