Feb 3, 2014

Closet Organization Links

It's another yucky day outside here in Northern Alabama.  The weather is warmer than it has been, but it's also wetter which keeps most of my DIY plans and posts on hold.  

I want to build, or paint, or craft, and with all the gloominess outside, I'd really like to see a splash of fresh bright color here and there.  Sadly, rain and paint are not good friends and the forecast is filled with more yucky weather in the coming week.

What to do?

Hmm...  Most of my closets are still in a state of chaos.  I could work on those.  But it's so hard to get motivated, and harder for me to decide what to keep, what to toss, and how to put it all back together. 

A few minutes on Pintrest yields tips and inspiration:

Sadly, today, I'm stuck going to the grocery store, doing some laundry, dishes and the usual boring every day type chores, so a big closet redo is just a daydream. 

But I can plan for tomorrow, right?

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