Jan 31, 2014

If You Want to Organize Your Closet....

...You're going to have to paint it first.

Looks like cold weather or rain is in the forecast for the next while, so Freddie's cabinet restoration is going on the back burner til the weather improves. 

Since it isn't nice enough to be outside, I'm stuck in the house as I have been for most of the winter.  It's is forcing me to deal with all the little things inside that drive me crazy.  

Things like our closet under the stairs.  
Harry Potter would be mortified.

This is the spot where we keep our games, extra blankets and tuck things out of site when we are in a hurry to clean up.  It really should look worse, but because it has been so cold, the kids have taken all the blankets out.  

I wonder if I'm the only one whose children insist on wearing a blanket as they shuffle around the house in the morning, even though they own perfectly good robes, then shed said blankets as they head off to school always about 5 steps from the back door. 

But I digress.  
So my hideous closet is causing me grief.  And this is where it turns into a "If You Take a Mouse to School" kind of project.

It goes something like this:

If you decide to clean out your closet, you're going to need to take everything out first.

Once everything is out, your going to see how bad the flat builder beige paint looks.   (flat paint=person with no kids used to live here)

When you see how bad the flat builder beige paint looks, your going to need to repaint it.

So you'll go to the garage to find some left over paint you can use.

While you're in the garage, you'll notice how messy it is, so messy in fact that you can't find your paint or the paint roller.

So you'll straighten things up a bit. While your straightening, you'll find the paint, and a roller, but realize you have no roller cover.

So you'll have to go the hardware store to get some.

While your at the hardware store, you'll look for more coat hooks to put in the closet, but they'll be to expensive, so you'll think about using knobs and decide you can find cuter ones at the craft store.

So, you'll go the craft store on the other side of town.

As you look through  craft store you'll find the perfect knobs, but they won't be the right color, so you'll go look at paint.  

While your looking at paint, you'll see some that's pink.

The pink paint will remind you Valentine's is coming up soon.

Remembering Valentine's will make you want to do something fun with the kids.

To do something fun with the kids, you'll need some craft supplies.

As you look through the crafts supplies, you'll notice the plastic storage bins in the next aisle.

Seeing the plastic storage bins will remind you that you want to organize the closet.

And if you want to organize the closet, your going to have to paint it first.

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