Jan 22, 2014

1927 Singer Model 66 Restoration Pt. 6 - Cleaning the Underside

Once again, no step by step instructions from me today.  But I do have some great links for those out there who have their own machine to restore. 

Like this one from Tools for Self Reliance.  

Seems like a pretty neat organization, so check them out if you have the time, and definitely check out their sewing machine manual if you have a singer 66 or 99.  You won't regret this free fountain of knowledge.  

The first picture I have for you shows everything underneath before.  The bobbin case and hook still in place. 
 (I know that's Greek to you non sewing types, but I promise I'll get a nice labeled diagram done some day.)

Last post, I removed the bobbin case and hook, and had to do a bit of unscrewing and taking off underneath parts to get them out.  My Sewing Machine Obsession has a good tutorial on how to do that here.

But the quick version is:
  1. Look before you touch.
  2. Unscrew this screw.
  3. Lift out the feed dog ( that thing in my hand)
  4. Unscrew this screw,
  5. and this one,
  6. and this one,
  7. and this one.
  8. Remove the now loose parts. (I'm holding the linkage arm with another part still stuck onto it)You can also see the linkage arm in #6 the screwdriver in the background is pointing to it.  I'm telling you this cause I just learned the name.  Whoo hooo! 
  9. Place them neatly aside for cleaning.
Caveat: I just want to say I don't recommend removing half of the stuff above, or any of the stuff below on a machine that is relatively clean, where all the joints move freely.

Sadly, Freddie is not such a machine YET.  To help guide any poor souls out there who are clueless like me and are really need to clean everything, I give you the following advice:

Go check out Clair's post at The Errant Pear, then come back and see how I tweaked her tip to get that miserable expletive of another expletive big screw out. 

This was THE moment that tested my resolve.  That screw wouldn't budge.  I soaked it in liquid wrench, waited, and tried again.  
Nope, wouldn't move.  
So I poured on more liquid wrench, waited some more, nearly gave up, found Clair's post and decided to follow her lead and use my own "power of persuasion" (a wrench).  

It still wouldn't budge! 

In a last ditch effort, I tried a 2 pronged attack, using a screw driver and a wrench and turning both at the same time.  

Hallelujah It worked!
I could hear the sewing machine angels singing. 

After that, there were just a few more screws to remove before cleaning could begin.

FYI, the screw driver wrench combo works great for getting out stubborn pivots (above middle) hold the wrench still, and turn the driver to loosen.

Next up:

What the heck was I thinking?

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