May 20, 2013

Free Storage Stairs Plans for a Loft Bed

Free plans to build storage steps for a bunk bed.

*FYI, I have also made these plans available on Ana White's website.  You can find them at

A few people have asked about the steps I built a while back for my boy's room at the old house.  At the time, I built the loft bed from Ana White's plan with minor modifications.  However I couldn't find plans that I liked for stairs.  At least not free ones.  So with no experience, I drafted a set built them and couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

I love these stairs!  And why wouldn't I?
They have: 

  • 2 deep compartments which can store toys or extra bed linens
  • a shallow compartment in the top step that is perfect for treasures or those large flat books
  • a small shelf under the middle stair that fits a rolled up sleeping bag perfectly.
  • a large cubby under the top step that can be used as a crawl through, suitcase storage, could be divided into smaller cubbies, or could have doors attached.  

Over a year later these storage stairs are still holding together beautifully even after the move.  Now, it is time to share the plans with you for free.  The usual caveats apply.  I am no expert, build at your own risk and work carefully.  By building these plans you assume all risks and release me from any liability.  I do not guarantee them in any way.  With that said, if you still want to try the plans I'd love to see and hear how your project turns out.  You can let me know in the comments section below.

Finished Dimensions:
34 5/8" H x 20" W x 42" D

3/4 plywood (I used Purebond)
Kreg Jig and 1 1/4  pocket screws
3 sets of hinges

Table saw/ circular saw
tape measure

Cut List:
3 - 1x3 @ 20 (tread brace of 3 steps)
4 - 10 3/4 x 10 3/4 (sides of bottom 2 steps)
2 - 5 3/4 x 17 1/2 (sides of top step)
2 - 20 x 9 1/2 (treads of bottom  and middle steps)
1 - 20 x 16 3/4 (tread of top step)
3 - 20 x 10 3/4 (front of bottom step, shelf and base of middle step)
1 - 20 x 22.5 (front of middle step)
2 - 20 x 33 7/8 (front and back of top step)
1 - 10 3/4 x 18.5 (bottom step base)
1 - 20 x 17 1/2 (top step base)
1 - 17 1/2 x 18 1/2 ( top step compartment base)

Step 1
  • Attach sides of bottom step to front of bottom step from the inside with pocket screws.
  • Attach bottom step base from underneath with pocket screws.

Step 2
  • Attach sides of middle step to shelf of middle step with pocket hole screws from the inside of the step.
  • Attach front of middle step from the inside with pocket screws.
  • Attach bottom step base from underneath with pocket screws.

Step 3

  •  Attach sides of top step to top shelf compartment base with pocket hole screws from the inside of the step.

  • Attach front and back of top step from the inside with pocket screws.
  • Attach top step base from underneath with pocket screws. (although the top step base is shown in the same color  it is NOT the same size as the top shelf compartment base.

Step 4

  •  Join bottom to middle with pocket screws, then middle to top in a similar fashion. I chose not to glue the top step to the middle step so I could take them apart to move them.  

Step 5
  • Add 1 x 3 tread braces to each step. Again, I used pocket holes screwed from  the inside.  It would be easier to just screw down from the top.

Step 6
  • Attach the stair treads to each stair with hinges.

Step 7

  • Finish as desired.
  • Be sure to securely attach the stair to you bunk or loft bed.  I recommend placing the stairs between the wall and the bed, or adding a stair rail, especially with younger kids.

Good Luck!

I now have free plans for all 3 parts shown above:  
and railing.  

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