Apr 11, 2013

Project 4 pt. 2: Kid's Mobile Frame Tutorial

Be sure to check out Project 4: Kids Mobiles (pt. 1)  if you missed it.

Materials for Frame

  • Metal Rings in Various Sizes
  • 2 pieces Strong Cord, Thread, etc. 
  • Scissors
  • Glue (optional)
  • Key Chain Ring or Other Small Metal Ring for Hanging (optional)

To Make Mobile Frame
I used 3 different  macrame knots/stitches: Larks Head, Vertical Larks Head, and Overhand.  If you aren't familiar with these, and want to try them there is a nice tutorial by Dorothy Hoeschenn for basic macrame stitches at Stonebrash Creative Arts.

Step 1:  Plan your design and choose your rings.
It helps to have a rough idea of what your finished product will look like.  Keep in mind the number, sizes and shapes of your mobile pieces as well as the size of your finished mobile.  Choose the number and size of rings that work best with your design.  For the Solar system Mobile, I used a 12", 8", and 4" ring plus a key chain ring as a hanging loop.  For the fish mobile I used a 10", 6" and 4" rings plus the key chain ring.

Step 2:  Fold the cord #1 in half.

Step 3:  Using the loop of the fold attach cord #1 to the key chain using a larks head knot.  If not using a key chain or hanging ring, skip this.

Step 4:  Measure your hanging distance and tie an overhand knot with both ends held as one.
Hanging distance = (distance from ceiling that you'd like your mobile to hang) - (measurement of ring + hook) 

Step 5: Center the overhand knot inside the smallest or topmost ring.

Step 6:  Tie a vertical larks head knot onto the first ring with one stand of Cord #1.  Then repeat with the second strand and slide the two knots along the ring until they are opposite one another.

Step 7:  Center the first ring inside the second.

Step 8:  Tie  the strands of Cord #1 to the second ring in the same manner as you did the first.

Step 9:  Repeat for additional rings.

Step 10:  Tie the center of cord #2 to the overhand knot of cord #1 (from step #4).

Step 11: Repeat steps 6-9 with cord #2.

To finish, tie off loose ends, seal with glue and cut, or weave ends back toward starting point, tie off seal with glue and cut.  Alternately, if your cord is thin, or the holes in your pieces are large, you can use the ends to hang pieces on the mobile.

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