Victorian Vanities - Sources and Links

Most if not all of these book are available on Google books in the form of brows-able or downloadable digital copies.

Note about pharmacist recipe/formula books:
Many of these types of books are published repeatedly either by the original authors, or by others who make compilations of recipes.  It is not unusual to find a formula that was published in the 1840's in a 1900 book.  Often these are word for word, even the archaic ones.  This can make reading later books confusing as the terms for ingredients and measures is not always consistent from formula to formula.

Beasly, Henry. The Druggist's General Receipt Book. 8th ed. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston, 1878. 

Chase, A. W. Dr. Chase's Recipes, or Information For Everybody. Ann Arbor, Michigan: R.A. Beal, 1880. 

Ebert, Albert E., and A. Emil Hiss. The Standard Formulary: A Collection of Nearly Five Thousand Formulas for Pharmaceutical Preparations, Family Remedies, Toilet Articles, Veterinary Remedies, Soda Fountain Requisites, and Miscellaneous Preparations Especially Adapted to the Requirements of Retail Druggists. Chicago: G.P. Engelhard, 1897. 

Ebert, Albert E., ed. The Pharmacist and Chemical Record. Chicago: Spalding & La Mont, 1870.

The Era Formulary. 5000 Formulas for Druggists. 1st ed. New York: D.O. Haynes, 1893. 

Mackenzie, Colin. Mackenzie's Ten Thousand Receipts: In All the Useful and Domestic Arts .. Philadelphia: T. Ellwood Zell, 1866.

Montez, Madame Lola. The Arts of Beauty Or, Secrets of a Lady's Toilet. New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1858. 

This is a partial list.  I will add to it as time and research progresses.
This is a wonderful site for research, because the author if very thorough with his documentation.  The only caveat I have about this site is that it covers a very broad time line, so the reader should be very careful if they are looking for period specific information and pay attention to dates.
like a full library on your laptop.  Fabulous way to research old texts you might not otherwise have access to.

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