Sep 4, 2015

DIY Planner Adventure Pt. 2 - Printable Calendar

In Pt 1 of my DIY planning adventure I chose a size, what needed to go into my planner, and started gathering materials.  Now lets put those material to use and print a few things to into the planner. Every planner really needs a calendar, so lets start there. 

 If you do a google search for free printable calendar, there are plenty to choose from, even mini sized ones like what I need. But, I chose to take the extra time and make one from scratch using open office.  This allowed me to choose font, colors, add decorations, and customize days off and holidays.  I even added a notation on each week to keep track of my middle-school kids' rotating schedules.   

But my favorite feature of doing it myself, is the unique way the pages go into the binder.  Each page is printed with 1/2 of 2 months, so that when the pages are folded in half with back together, you see 1/2 of a different month on each side.  It sound confusing, but it works and translates to no cut pages and the ability to write with markers without fear of them bleeding onto the adjoining months.

I'm including a printable PDF file for a Plain Jane version of my calendar.  It has no decoration and no holidays, so you can write in whatever you like and add decorations as you wish.  

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