Aug 14, 2014


This is the kids first full, 5 day week of school.  So far it's going well.  I've even caught up on laundry.   But there have been some minor issues.  

For starts, my little guy has decided that 3 straight days of kindergarten is too much.  This morning he proclaimed "I don't want to go to school today."  Oh those dreaded words.   

For my big kids, the "minor issue" is the loss one of the 6th grade teachers.  He is leaving for another job within the school.  Sadly, the news comes just as the big kids had decided he was the "cool  teacher"  because he let them have snacks in class, and apparently, he likes candy.  He was one of the more seasoned teachers, they already have 3 who have never taught at our school before, so it's a bit disappointing.  Still, I'm sure it will work out.  

The note about the change came home yesterday, but it wasn't till this morning that I noticed the second note behind it about a lice outbreak! 

Sigh.....  Guess I'll be doing a head check tonight.  Makes me itch just thinking about it (scratch).

I suppose, I need to be a bit more focused when I look over notes the kids bring home and not just toss them on the counter after reading the first page.  I need to be more organized. (itch) I always need to be more organized.  

In my defense, I've made some progress through summer projects which I'll show off later, but my kitchen counters are still in disarray, a wasteland of papers to be sorted, tangled charging cords, half used notebooks, coupons without a home, and spices that just don't fit in the cabinet.  Missing the "lice notice" is just a tiny sign of a (scratchmuch larger problem.

What I really need is a plan to organize my kitchen, maybe even a charging station to corral those pesky cords and devices, and I have to do something about my spice storage/state of my cabinets in general. 
Better get to work......(scratch

But first, I think I'm going to wash my hair.  You know, just to be safe and all.

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