Aug 12, 2014

It's August!

and that means......

Time for school!

This year, my two eleven year olds are entering sixth grade, the last year of their elementary school days.

sniffle.... sniffle

How did they get so big?  I can remember changing their diapers and spoon feeding them like it was yesterday, and now my daughter is taller than my mother and growing what seems to be an inch a month.  Gone is the chubby cheeked, plump baby with the firey mop of hair, and in her place stands this beautiful willowy creature with perfect crimson curls cascading down her back.

Her twin brother, on the other hand hasn't quite hit his growth spurt yet, but he has added some height over the summer.  He's also added some muscle and width in the shoulders, so I know it's just a matter of time before I witness his transformation.  I'm in no hurry for that to happen.  Luckily, neither is he.

As if the trauma of watching them grow up  wasn't enough, my little guy is starting kindergarten.   

boo hooo... blubber blubber .....sob...sniffle.

And worst, um..  uh..., I mean best of all he is o.k. with it.  He confidently walked into class his first day, put his belongings in his locker, gave me an all too short hug, and went off to play in the activity center without so much as an ounce of hesitation, or the hint of a backwards glance toward me or his dad.  

I on the other hand, stood there outside the open door, waiting to see if I could catch his eye one last time.  I fought every urge in my mommy heart to rush in, scoop him up, and run off with him escaping to a land where little boys never have to go to school.  His eyes met mine one last time with a grin as if to tell me  "you'll be o.k. mommy."

I gave him a little wave 
and knowing I wasn't needed, 


Where did the last five years go?

And what on earth am I going to do now?

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