Nov 10, 2013

Pumpkin Planter How to

Need a long lasting splash of color for your fall gatherings, but don't want to spend big bucks on a fussy arrangement from a florist that is just going to wilt and die after a few days?
 For about $5, and 10 minutes, this little cutie pie is easy on your eyes and your wallet.  And in my experience, can last up to a month inside or on a patio.

Step 1 Decide if you want to use a plastic liner(juice bottle).  

The benefit to using a liner, is that if you need the arrangement before Halloween, but not after, you can actually remove the liner and plant leaving a carve-able pumpkin shell, and a plant for your garden. 
However, by not using a liner, when the planter has severed it's purpose you can move it to the garden and plant it pumpkin shell and all.  The shell will compost and enrich the soil, while the flowers will continue to thrive (weather and climate permitting)

Step 2  Mark and Cut the opening.

If you are using a plastic bottle, go ahead and cut the bottle in half about  1 inch shorter than your pumpkin, and use the top section as a guide to mark the opening.  Without a plastic bottle, cut your hole at least as big as the root mass of the plant your using.

Step 3  Scoop out the guts.  

If you are using the plastic bottle, slide it into the pumpkin and trim the top edge so it is flush with the pumpkin.

Step 4  Add the plant.  
Add extra dirt if needed so the plant is secure within the pumpkin shell, or plastic bottle.

Step 5 Water and admire.
Makes a sweet centerpiece, or add a few sticks and use it to display wares at fall craft shows.  It also makes fabulous Halloween decor adorned with "shrunken"  apple heads and "zombies".

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