Nov 8, 2013

Pictures from the Fall 2013 Southland Flywheelers Show

Back in early October, I attended the Southland Flywheelers 2013 Fall Tractor Show and History Expo as a demonstrator of:  

I took several items for display like Apple Doll Magnets,
 Witch Pins, and Shrunken Heads.

I also brought a few dolls.

 The lady in blue is Mary.  The fellow with her is Abraham.  They both have painted, sealed faces, with pose-able bodies and hands.  Martha, (seated in the front) has a soft body and an unsealed face, like most traditional Apple dolls.  Over time, her face will oxidize and darken to black.

This little lady had a name, but was sold/bartered, almost as soon as she was set out, to a fellow demonstrator, who was happy to let me keep her on display til the end of the day.

Speaking of other demonstrators, we didn't have as many this year, but the ones that came were great.  There was a blacksmith, cabinet maker, spinners, dyers, and a chair caner.

 This is Lou Ann Poole, a sweet and spirited person I'm proud to call friend.  

She is one of those amazing women who can and does do, just about everything.  She and her husband Mark even built a log cabin in their back yard to practice open hearth cooking.  For this event, she demonstrated chair caning.

Another dear friend of mine, is Master Cabinet Maker Christopher Lang.He received training in Williamsburg and has since worn many hats from historical interpreter, to curator, to furniture restorer, to stay at home dad.  No matter what his current title, his skills and tools are always kept sharp.  If you need an antique restored, he is the go to guy in the area.  

  This gorgeous hand made cherry sewing box will be mine in the very near future as payment for a set of historical clothing I made for his daughter.  There is a divided tray(not shown) that sits in the sewing box.  I had the opportunity at this event to choose the layout of the dividers and am so excited to see how it will turn out.
* Update 1-6-14:  The box is now finished and in my possession.  You can see pictures here.  
Other presenters and their displays:  

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