Aug 26, 2014

One Station to Charge Them All

Remember my post not too long ago "What we need here is some organization".  It was a call to action, to get my tush in gear and come up with some solutions to the disorganization that runs rampant in my kitchen.  You know like...

So, first up on my "Organize That"  to do list is finding a way to slay the ugly cord monster that lurks in the corner of my kitchen.  To do that, I'm going to need a charging station that can tame those cords and give my devices a permanent home, putting a  end  
(in theory)
to cell phone hide and seek.  It's such a one sided game after all, I'm always the seeker. 

I could buy a charging station.....

  But I don't really want to shell out the $$ for something that doesn't quite meet my needs.  My garage filled with wood scraps, and penchant for thriftiness, leave me only one choice.
It's time to get my build on.

Like it?

Those messy cords are out of sight, and now I have room to charge two phones, two ipads, and and a notebook, if I wanted to.  

  Now I'm one step closer to an organized and less chaotic kitchen.
Yay me!

Check back in the future.  I'll be posting free plans for my charging station, and maybe even a tutorial.    

Aug 22, 2014

Fun Food Friday Begins Now!

I'm trying something new, and fingers crossed I can keep it up.  This is the first in a series of posts called called "Fun Food Friday".  As the name implies: 

It's fun! 
It's all about food! 
I'll post a new one each Friday!   

This first post is all about Bento, and you'll see more in the future, as inspiration for those friends of mine who are in a lunch packing rut.

Traditionally, bento is japanese for lunch box and refers to any boxed lunch, but it has evolved into much more.  If you're new to Bento, take a moment and check out my Beginning Bento post from 2 years ago.  

I am in love with Bento style lunches.  They are fun to make, fun to eat and the kids always praise my efforts.   
I'm praise driven, so that's huge!   

Here is one "bento style" lunch packed 3 ways.  Each includes:

1 lean chicken hotdog 
(cut in half so it looks like 2)
1 oz of cheese cut into tiny cubes
 carrots, celery, grapes 
and a tiny piece of a chocolate bar as a treat. 
The first is for my youngest, he loves his adorable teddy bear box.  He's super skinny, and if he grows any taller or looses another ounce he'll be technically underweight.   I give him about the same as my older kids hoping he'll eat more than I'd expect.  Don't tell the big kids, but he got more cheese than them.

This next one is for my daughter.  She picked out this pink sheep box herself.  She's not a huge celery fan, but loves fruit so she has less celery and more grapes.

This last one is for my oldest son.  He's not in to cutesy stuff, so this simple bento box suits him well.
He's a normal weight and loves crunchy foods, so he gets lots of celery and carrots.

Want more bento ideas?

Check out these links for more ideas and recipes:

I'm not affiliated with the site below in any way, but I love their selection of bento boxes and accessories.

Do you have a bento picture you want to share?  
Let me know and I'll post it to inspire others. 

Aug 21, 2014

I must be doing something right.

My five year old just walked in the room, gave me a grin and stuck this sticky note on my hand.  

The penmanship is rough, the "AND" is a bit scrunched, the grammer is off and it's obvious that he ran out of room for "ND".  But to me and my mommy heart, this is perfection.  
If you can't read it, it says


sigh.....I think I'm going to cry.