Oct 31, 2014

F.F.F. - It's Halloween!!!!!!!

Today is a half day at school, which is awesome because it's HALLOWEEN!!!!
Since the kids will be home early, I started searching online to find something fun and not to hard to make that the kids can do with me. It was a tough decision with all the wonderful ideas that are out there, but these are the two I settled on. 

Those should occupy us for an hour or two, and be a nice addition to the sweet table for when our friends come over.  I'm also cutting up some apples and serving them with caramel dip.  Should be yummy, but kind of plain compare to all caramel/candy apple variations I came across. 

Like these sinister looking candy 

Don't like the candy crunch?  There's a
caramel version by Spoon University

Maybe you like caramel, but the black turns you off.  
You could try these

And who could resist the beautiful and drool worthy
Or a

Finger's crossed my kids won't see these.  I don't have time or the inclination to make candy apples today.  I'm sticking to my cut up apples and dip.  

Oct 29, 2014

1927 Singer Sewing Cabinet Restoration Pt. 3 - removing the treadle frame and drawer supports.

It's been an all out eternity since I've posted anything about Freddie Mae.  But I haven't forgotten her.  If you've not read about my lovely singer sewing machine "Freddie Mae" and her restoration, be sure to check out the other posts here.  But if you're all caught up and ready for an update, read on.

Where were we?  Oh yes, I had finished the restoration of the sewing machine head, and was ready to move on to the cabinet.  I believe I also waxed poetic about why disassembling a piece prior to restoration is a pretty good idea.  

But how does one disassemble a vintage Singer sewing machine cabinet?

First cover your work surface, remove the drawers, then flip that puppy upside down.

With everything unscrewed you can remove the drawer frame.  Cringe at the dust and spider parts.

Separate the top of the cabinet from the treadle frame.  It should just lift off, but it'll be super heavy.  It is cast iron after all.

If you've gotten this far without finding copious amounts of dirt or other cringe worthy findings, and your finish is pretty good, you could stop disassembling here, give everything a good cleaning and a coat of wax and put it back together.

Or, if you're like me you could move onto the next stage. 
(Coming Soon)

Oct 24, 2014

F.F.F. Monster Bento Edition

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not have some bento fun monster style?

Some monster lunches are cute.
(Like this bento monster for my daughter.)

Others are Strange.
(Like this one for my little guy.)

And some, even have parts to arrange.
(Like this build your own monster lunch for my big guy.)

All three lunches have:
  • corn dog, (removed from the stick and cut into pieces)
  • pretzels
  • carrots and cheese, which are both more for garnish than nutrition
  • fruit and veggie pouch, and milk to make up for that lost nutrition.
  • candy eyes
  • ketchup for the kids who like it
  • toothpicks for the build your own
Don't miss a single F.F.F.