Feb 4, 2015

Introducing: Victorian Vanities

On Feb 21, 2015 I will share a 75 minute presentation which I have titled "Victorian Vanities" at the 2015 Southeast Regional ALHFAM Conference.   

I've done a couple of presentations in the area of cosmetics before, but they were either comparatively brief at 15 min. or lasted 90 minutes, but covered hairstyles and head coverings as well as cosmetics.  

While I really enjoyed researching and presenting this material, I found myself with notebooks full of fascinating information that I wasn't able to share because of constraints on time or topic.  

So now is my chance to focus in on a 50 year time period 1850-1900 in what I hope will be a very fun presentation for me and those in attendance.  

The research is done, the presentation almost ready, so now it's time to get my lab coat out and start recreating some cosmetics from period formulas.  I'll be sharing the results in the coming weeks, along with a tutorial or two so keep a look out.

FYI Here's the catalog write up:

Victorian Vanities – Being a painted lady might be scandalous, but that doesn't mean our ancestors were strangers to giving Mother Nature a helping hand when it came to looking their best. Join us as we explore the world of Victorian cosmetics from beauty aids to hygiene necessities. Discover what products were readily available for purchase or easily made at home, their ingredients, benefits and risks. Several examples recreated from period texts will be available to see, touch and smell. Tasting is not recommended.  

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  1. Anonymous2/06/2015

    This sounds fascinating! I'm disappointed I won't be able to attend. I look forward to seeing whatever you share here on the blog. :)



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