Sep 5, 2014

Fun Food Friday

This week I've got a DIY chicken soft taco bento packed 3 ways for you.  

To save time/sanity, I put the bentos together the night before and stick them in the fridge.  In the morning, I can pop them into the lunch bags, along with a drink, an ice pack and some kind of fruit to round things out.

Each lunch has:
2-4"flour tortillas, some roasted chicken, cheese, carrots, & 2 mini cookies.   

I pack each according to the kid it will feed.  For example my little guy (the bear) has cheese cubes because he eats everything seperately.  If he had shredded cheese, he'd eat it shred by shred, and lunchtime would be over with him having eaten nothing but a tablespoon of shredded cheese.  Not good for the super skinny boy.  I also cut his carrots into smaller pieces to make them easier and quicker to chew. 

He along with big sister (pink) get dipping sauce (chick container) for their carrots.

Big brother (blue) on the other hand, likes his carrots plain, so no dip chick for him.

Want more Fun Food Friday?

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