Mar 3, 2014

1890's Costume Reveal

I finished my 1890's costume just in time.  It isn't perfect, but it was perfectly fine for Saturday's cooking extravaganza with fellow volunteer, Wendy Neff, in the Meals house at Burritt on the Mountain.  This is what our table looked like about halfway through the day.  We aren't the tidiest of cooks, but our food tastes amazing. We were so busy during the day, that I didn't get a picture of myself in my building.

However, Kelly Fisk, the historic park supervisor, was kind enough to take my picture for me at the end of the day in the Balch house kitchen next to the old wood stove.  Check out the hair.  I swear it ages me 10 yrs.

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  1. Anonymous3/03/2014

    I love the hair, but it does age you by today's standards. That leads me to wonder if the hair styles of yesteryear also aged the folks we see in historic photos! I wouldn imagine so. I'll start imagining the ladies in the photos with more modern youthful hairstyles from now on! See, Amy, you are always teaching!


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