Feb 11, 2014

Alabama Snowday

We just got our first snow of the year here in Northern Alabama.  Until now, we've had flurries, even a dusting, but no accumulation.

We got a whole inch of the white stuff.  School was cancelled and the town pretty much shut down.  Gotta love these southern "snowstorms".

So what do the kids want to do with their snowday?

1.  Introduce our cat Snow to her first snow.
Unfortunately for the kids, Snow wasn't interested. 
Once the door was opened, the sight of snow scared the beggezus out of Snow who clawed her way from my daughter's arms over her shoulder and made an insane and somewhat spastic dash up the stairs to hide.

Not willing to give up on the idea of introductions, my daughter settled for introducing Willow, our smaller and more docile cat, to the great white wonder.  She was hesitant, but didn't fight.

2.  Build a snowman. 

This fellow is a whopping 8 inches tall.

3.  Build his big brother.

4. Have a snow ball fight.
This was more of a dodge snowball fight since the kids had trouble making snowballs with the dry snow.  Of course Dad is a pro at these things and was having fun bombarding the troops.

5.  Drink hot cocoa with one giant marshmallow.
It amazes me that they make marshmallows even bigger than this.

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