Feb 18, 2014

1890's Costume Challenge

In exactly 11 days, I will be doing open hearth cooking at Burritt on the Mountain, which is not unusual, because I do it about twice a year.  I usually cook in the Meals house and wear my 1850's ensemble.  I look quite convincing in front of the hearth in my 1850's restored building.  

Photo by Eric Schultz, The Huntsville Times 

Then, in May 2011, the unimaginable happened.  The Meals house was jacked up, placed on a flat bed and driven very slowly across the green to the 1890's side of the Historic Park.  

Immediately after the move, the interpretation of the building was up in the air so I continued to cook in my 1850's get up.  Now it is officially interpreted as 1890's, and I feel out of place in my "old fashioned clothes". I've tried cooking in  other 1850's building, but I miss "my house".  So I am challenging myself to create a 1890's ensemble in time for the March 1st open hearth event.  

I have 11 days to draft, fit, cut and construct everything that won't carry over from my 1850's outfit.  That means I have to make a new corset, petticoats, skirt and bodice at the very least.  

I'm using Truly Victorian's TV 110 1880's corset pattern, which I made up before my last child was born.  Since my body hasn't bounced back, and may never bounce back, I'm going to cannibalize that corset for parts for the new one.  Luckily, I still have some quality corset coutille from that project so I can reuse the front busk section and back lacing sections thus saving a huge bit of time.  As of last night, I've adjusted my corset pattern to my new measurements, and I'm ready to make a mock up.

Things to do today
  • Check my stash for fabrics
  • Deconstruct the old 1880's corset
  • Cut out and construct a mock up for the new corset
  • Check for fit and be ready to cut and construct the final corset tomorrow.
  • Decide on skirt and bodice or dress pattern.

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