Jan 27, 2014

1927 Singer Model 66 Restoration Pt. 8 - All the King's Horses....

....and all the King's Men, 
These are Freddie's Parts, Freddie's CLEAN parts. 

Look at all those nice, clean, shiny, silvery parts. 

Yep, that's a lot of parts.   

Where does that piece go again?

That was me after I got everything shiny.
  In fact, one of the pieces in the picture up there is  put together wrong. 

I took lots of pictures as I was taking things apart planning for this moment, and they helped.  But, there were still a few things I was hazy on.  That's when I went over to Clair's post on how to reassemble all the bottom stuff  to refresh my memory of where things go.  Sadly, knowing where a part goes and being able to get it back where it goes are two different things.

Do you remember those parts I struggle to remove in Pt.7, the ones that control the stitch length? 

Well, guess what?

They're even harder to get back in.  
The process you use to get things out is a lot trickier in reverse, and gravity is not on your side. You have to hold the little thing-a-ma-jigger in place with one hand while maneuvering the feed dog crank back up inside the pillar and into the perfect position onto the drive shaft with the other hand. Then with a third hand rotate the thing-a-ma-jigger to engage the feed dog crank and use your fourth hand to screw it all into place. 

It took me numerous tries and about 45 minutes to do this the first time. 

Did you catch that? 
 "the first time" 

Funny thing, the screw that goes with the stitch length stuff looks an awful lot like the screw that holds the Hook Ring Shaft on.  I found this out after reassembling everything save one screw, and that one screw was too short to go where I needed it to.  

Turns out I used that screw to attach the stitch length thing-a-ma-jigger to the machine.  So I had to switch them, and let me just say, without all the dirt and oil to help things stick together the thing-a-ma-jigger falls out pretty easy.  Thirty minutes later, I got it back together the right way. 

With everything cleaned and oiled Freddie looks and runs like new.

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