Apr 5, 2012

Finches at 8 and 11 days

O.K. to be honest, these days are give or take a day since I don't know exactly when these little guys hatched.  Oh, and please forgive me if these images aren't the best.  The nest is about 6 ft off the ground and in an awkward position.  If I stand tippy-toe, I can just see the heads of these guys peaking over the top of the nest.  Since I don't want to disturb the area any more than necessary, I am taking these shots as quickly as I can holding the camera above my head, pointing into the nest, and shooting blindly.  All that considered, I think they turn out pretty good.

Day 8
In these pictures, and previous pictures as well, I find it fascinating that you can actually see what they have been eating/been fed through the thin skin in their neck.  We have a bird feeder very close to this nest which has assorted seeds.  It's obvious to me that mom has been feeding from them from it.  At this point 5 chicks are still visible.
7-8 days

7-8 days

Day 11
Starting to get some true feathers now.  I took these pics this morning after a night of rain.  Look at all the poo around the edges.  I have heard this is typical behavior for house finches.  However, it makes me want to keep my distance.  I can clearly make out 4 birdies, not sure if we've lost one, or if it is hiding in the jumble of feathers.
10-11 days

10-11 days

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