May 2, 2011

In Small Things Forgotten

With all the excitement/tragedy of the last few days, many less important, less urgent things have fallen to the wayside as they should.  However, now as our community is moving from emergency mode into recovery mode, I'll take a quick moment to update on a few "small things forgotten".

Most all of the silkworms have survived our powerless days.  In truth, we only had 2 days without power before escaping to family in an area unaffected by recent events.  Still, no power = no incubator and temps were quite cool after the storm.  My solution to keep our smallest family memebers safe, heat packs. The kind you use for a sore back that heat when exposed to air.  Luckily I had one in our emergency kit.

These are the oldest most advanced worms at 14 days.  They have just started their 4th instar and seem to grow by the hour.
To date, I have only had 2 fatalities.   I posted previously about having 3 deaths, then Lazarus returning to life.  Turns out another that I thought had died, also returned to life.  He has been dubbed tiny because he is the smallest of our brood and definately behind everyone even his hatch mates.

Two things are becoming abundantly clear to me. 
1. My skills as a coroner are rubbish!
2. The zombie theory is starting to sound less far fetched.

  The second and most recent death was the result of an injury as we returned home yesterday.  My husband accidentally dropped the incubator.  About a dozen silkworms in an open container went flying across the floor.  Which was problematic as they blend into the carpeting very well.  We spent some time trying to find them all.  My husband was very upset with himself.  While I am sorry the little guy didn't make it, I am amazed that I have as many as I do still living. Last rough count was about 160.  YIKES!  :o)

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