Sep 11, 2015

DIY Planner Pt. 3- Printable Menu Planner &Grocery List

In an effort to organize our meals, I've come up with this menu planner.  It prints on a whole sheet of paper.  Is folded in half with holes punched on the unfolded edge and placed in your mini sized binder.

Each week as you make your menu on the right side of the planner, you use the back of the previous weeks menu (on the left) for writing your grocery list.  When you finish, rip out the grocery list and you are ready to go shopping. 

Do you know what you're having for dinner, but not quite sure what night you're having it?  No problem.  The sections where you plan your dinners are numbered.  When you know which night of the week you'll be having them, enter the number under the weekday.

It's easy!  Just download here,  print, fold, punch, plan and go.

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