Mar 5, 2015

Victorian Vanities - Saccharine Preparation

formula 1350 from The Era Formulary
Here's another Dental cosmetic for you.  It is used as a gargle and goes by the name "Saccharine Preparation".  

Who knew saccharine has been around for so long.  It was discovered in 1879 by Constantine Fahlberg and soon found it's way into everyday products.  The two recipes bellow are from p.129 of The Era Formulary. 5000 Formulas for Druggists published in 1893. 

Saccharin Preparation for the Teeth.
Saccharin 1 gram.
Tincture of myrrh 5 grams.
Lavender water 95 grams.
Mix. Half a teaspoonful to a teaspoon ful as a gargle and mouth-wash after meals. Use undiluted. 

Saccharin Preparation for the Teeth
Saccharin 30 centigrams.
Borax 10 grams.
Peppermint water 50 grams.
Distilled water 450 grams. p.129 1350

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