Mar 12, 2015

King Bed Build Pt.1 - choosing a design

Spring is almost here, and I can't wait.  It is the perfect time to get outside and start new projects.  This year, the project topping our list is a new bed.  Years ago when we first got married, we received a 4 poster queen sized bed complete with mattress set as a gift.  It was a "starter model", but we loved it, especially since it was free.

Flash forward too many years and 3 kids later and I'm a lot older and little wiser. 

I now understand why my mom told us not to jump on the bed.  Two words,... broken springs.  
I've also learned that a six year old who climbs in your bed in the middle of the night, takes up more mattress real estate than a full grown man.  

So, with tax refund on it's way, and President's Day sales in full swing, we bought a new mattress set just a few weeks ago.  We even upgraded and got a King.  It is glorious.  However, there is one tiny problem.  This upgrade has left us without a frame or headboard.  And there is only one solution for that.  

DIY it.

But what to build?

I really like this farmhouse bed from Pottery Barn.
Alternate View

Here are some similar ones with plans.
 picture from: The Bumper Crop
free plans from: Ana White

Plans by: Ana White

Plans by: Ana White

But, I also like these other Pottery Barn beds.
View in Room

Dawson Bed

Addison Headboard
Feel free to chime in in the comments section and tell me what you'd pick.

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