Oct 10, 2014

Fun Food Friday

This was my first year with what I felt, was a real garden and the one thing I've had plenty of is cherry tomatoes.  The variety I planted was Sungold, and it has been incredibly flavorful and more prolific than I could have imagined.  Which means by this point in the season, I tried them almost every way imaginable and I'm pretty sick of the things, but they keep producing.  

Now, I think I may have stumbled across the solution in this recipe for Golden Cherry Tomato and Ginger Jam from The Joy Kitchen.  I'm pretty sure this will get the tomato surplus out of my fridge and into my pantry where it can wait to bring a burst of sunshine to the dreary days of winter. 

The first step is to wash the tomatoes, slice them in half, add sugar, and let them sit for 4 hours on the counter, or overnight in the fridge.  I'm opting for the fridge, so looks like this'll be a Fun Food Weekend instead of a Fun Food Friday.

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