Oct 17, 2014

Fun Food Friday - Jook/Juk

Just in time for cold and flu season.  Today's FFF is Jook/Juk, (Korean Rice porridge).  

This stuff is the go to food in Korea if you are sick, and in it's plain form is a great first food for babies.  Here in the US, I think it makes a nice alternative to chicken noodle soup when you aren't feeling your best.  As a bonus, it is extra gentle on yucky tummies, and it's pleasant creamy texture, is  just right for sore throats.

In it's most basic form, Juk is rice boiled in water until the rice is super soft and makes a traslucent creamy broth.  However, the variations are endless and Juk is often served with added meat or vegetables.  

Here are a few variations to try the next time you're under the weather.

Did you know, in Korea, they have restraunts devoted to Juk?

Check out this fun blog entry about Juk by Cute in Korea to learn more.

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