Sep 12, 2014

Fun Food Friday - it's a frosty one

Little Emily is a cutey who knows what she wants.  After pouring over lots of Pintrest cakes with her mom, she knew what her birthday cake should be.  

It needed ombre icing similar to this one from Carolina Cake Artistry
with white chocolate snowflakes.

Except it needed all the figures like this one from

but iced in butter cream, instead of fondant, 
with lots of "glitter"
and absolutely no pink!

Oh, and she has tons of friends so it needs to feed 60 people with extra for the family. 

Often, a fondant covered cake just can't be translated into butter cream, and I'm willing to bet the ombre colored icing on the 1st cake was done with an air brush, which I don't possess.  

But I thought I could swing it.  Luckily it is 2014, and  there is a you tube video for everything including ombre icing a cake in butter cream.  The finished cake isn't perfect by my standards, but I think it turned out o.k. and Emily was happy with her birthday present (the cake) which is what matters.

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