Sep 19, 2014

Fun Food Friday - Fruit Jelly

 How incredibly cute is this?!

This week's Fun Food Friday is Fruit Jelly, a fun find from our local Asian grocery store.  I went in to get rice and bath scrubbies, but couldn't resist when I saw this package.  

Look!  It's not just cute,

and, it is....

Green Apple, Strawberry, Grape, and Pineapple.

Once in a blue moon, I'll tuck one of these into the kids lunch boxes as an added treat.  Each one only has 24 calories, so it beats a chocolate chip cookie.  It is a bit like jello, but it is made with seaweed instead of gelatin, so the consistence is different and hard to describe.

There are tiny chunks of coconut which add a tropical note.  Imagine eating a fruit flavored lollipop on the beach sitting next to someone wearing coconut scented sunscreen and that's sums up the effect.

To eat it, just toss your head back and squeeze the bottom of the plastic cup.  As soon as the vacuum between the jelly and the cup is broken, it plops right out and hopefully into your mouth.  

So, what does the girl think?

She can't talk cause her mouth is full, but it gets a thumbs up.

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