Jan 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Whew!  The holidays are over!  It's a new year, and the flu is slowly but surely working it's way out of our house.  Soon the kids will be back in school.  I'll be putting away Christmas decorations,  catching up on all those household tasks that fell by the wayside while we were sick, and once again trying to make sense out of the chaos that is life with 3 kids.

But before I do that, I want to take a moment and share three of the cool Christmas gifts that I got which I'm sure will offer some inspiration for this year's blog adventures. 

I have dubbed this sweet vintage Singer Model 66 "Freddie Mae" in honor of it's previous owner.  It was given to me by her grandson who happens to be my brother-in-law, because he and his wife "knew I just had to have it".  Manufactured in 1927, she's seen better days, is missing a couple of parts, and the finish on her head is bad enough that she is in danger of loosing her decals, but her insides are pristine.  I know with some TLC I can get her humming again, and plan a complete cleaning and restoration.  I'll be posting a series of entries chronicling her rebirth in the year to come.

It is a well know fact among my close friends, that I have recently become enamored by all things Korean.  To be specific, South Korean.   

Curse you K-Drama on Crunchy Roll! 

Although I'm not going to make it to visit South Korea anytime soon, that won't stop me from learning more about the culture, the language, and food.  This book, should be a nice start.  I vow to conquer the Asian market with its difficult to read labels and learn how to cook some authentic dishes from South Korea this year, and I'll be sharing my recipes with you if they are any good.

 BTW, I also got a really cool tiffin, so I see some Indian recipes in the future as well.

Isn't this pretty?  Very Zen. 
This miniature Marimo Moss Aquarium is another super cool Christmas gift I got, and I love it!  The glass ball is only about 3 inches wide, but that is real living moss in there.  It came from Midnight Blossoms with everything you see minus water all boxed securely.  Add water and a tiny bit of creative vision and now it's a living work of art. 

 I don't think you'll be seeing much in the way of future entries about the moss aquarium, but it's living in my master bath which like our Master bedroom is still beige.  I don't like beige.  Such a pretty thing in an ugly room can't last, so I suspect there will be a Master Suite makeover in the coming year with lots of blog worthy projects.

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