Sep 18, 2013

My Twins turn 10

I suppose that should really read My twins Turned 10, since it was back in June.  With the events of the summer, I just couldn't get around to posting pics any sooner.  We celebrated with a small family gathering at home, but one must always have a custom cake made by mom, especially for the big 10!  So here they are.

Smaug on hoard and Mt. Doom

This year, the theme was hobbit-ish.  With a Smaug type dragon asleep on it's hoard and my rather loose interpretation of Mt. Doom.  The really cool thing about the volcano/ Mt. Doom cake, didn't get captured on film, but built into the top was a reservoir for water and immediately before serving, we dropped in some dry ice so the mountain had smoke/steam escaping from the top.  Made for a really neat effect.  

Next year or sooner, I want to do a hobbit hole.  Hmm... we do have an anniversary coming up.

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