Jun 7, 2013

Plans for Bunk/Loft Bed Stair System Shallow Bookshelf

This was built for our boys room at the old house as a way to provide extra stability and strength to the stair rail, while adding an extra space for books.  It is inspired by Ana White's Flat Wall Book Shelf .  Her plans are the best, so go check out her plan first, then continue reading to see my modifications. 

Finished Dimensions:
38" 5/8" H x 20" W x 3 1/8 " D


- 1x3s
- 1/8 or 1/4" hardboard, plywood, etc...

Cut List:
1 - 1x3 @ 20" (top shelf)
2 - 1x3 @ 18 1/2" (middle shelves)
2 - 1x3 @ 37 3/4" (sides)
4 -  strips of wood  cut to 20".  (rails)
I used a scrap I had on hand and ran it through my table saw till I got the height and width I liked for the rails.  I think lath strips could also work. 

backing board (plywood or hardboard):
1 @ 20 x 38 5/8" 
1 @ 20 x (width of your 1x3 + depth of rail)  This piece could also be cut from solid wood.  I used hardboard because I had some on hand, and I didn't want to add any additional depth to the bookshelf.

The bookshelf was built to sit with the front edge flush to the back edge of the hinge on the top step.  The back overhangs about 1/2" inch.  I did this on purpose to make up for the gap created between the back of the stairs and the wall by the base board.   The panels on the back and bottom keep papers and books from falling into the void.  I tried to get the most usable space I could.  Unlike Ana's plan, I added rails on the front. My rails are also not as beefy and won't hold up to climbing.  If you have a climber, you might want to choose a different design. Build at your own risk.

Step 1 Attach the  middle shelves to the sides, then add the top shelf.  Use nails and glue, or pocket holes.

Step 2 Add the back and bottom panels with glue and panel nails.  

Step 3  Add rails on the two bottom shelves, and spaced as pictured below to retain books.

Finish anyway you like.  I caulked the seam between the bottom and back panel before painting.  

**For directions and illustrations on how to install the bookshelf, plus free plans for the Stairs and railing, please visit my post Storage Stair System for Bunk/Loft Beds.

Be sure to check  the original post about our boys room  for more pictures. 

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