Mar 18, 2013

Project # 3 - pt. 1: THE TROUBLE WITH LAUNDRY a.k.a. Why We Must Redo the Laundry Room

I hate laundry more than any other household chore, and it's even worse when you don't have a proper place to do it.
In our old house, we had a laundry closet off of the kitchen.  Our washer and dryer fit snugly.  The clunky bi-fold doors had to remain open when we used the dryer.  With our family, that's often.  It was dark, cramped, and until we spruced up the place to sell, had horribly dated dark wood cabinets that had an irregular dusting of ceiling paint over spray across the front with equally dated and damaged berry and ivy wall paper.   

Luckily, our new house has a proper laundry room.  It's open, even airy in comparison.  It has a utility sink, a window, and the crown jewel of our house, a laundry chute !  I'm not sure who loves the laundry chute more, me or the kids. Sounds fabulous doesn't it.  Well, it's not.  It's an underachiever.  So much potential, but it's all wasted.  Wasted opportunities for storage and organization.

See what I mean?  
It isn't horrible, but it could be so much better.  On the "washing wall" we have one long but very high shelf and a half shelf beneath it.  Those wire bins on the side are from our old house and my first feeble and temporary attempt at organization. 

The "sink wall" isn't any better with one small wire shelf.  Every time I see them I want to do my best Mommy Dearest impersonation "NO MORE WIRE SHELVES!!!"
  Plus, the faucet leaks.  And then there is the issue with the dryer vent. 

Somewhere out there is a repair man, a fire fighter, and a DIYer groaning about improper installation of my dryer.  And they are right.  The hose is too long and kinks when the dryer is pushed back, so the back of the dryer is always about 15 inches from the wall.  That makes it even harder to reach the shelves.

What is a girl to do?  

Check back next week to find out.
(I'll give you a hint.  It involves power tools.)


  1. how do you do your sketch ups?

  2. I use google sketch up, and the basic instructions from Ana White's site. Then practice. Lots of practice, patience, and making mistakes.


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