May 5, 2011

Silkworm Growth Update and the "Blues"

The silkies in these pictures are the most advanced.  They have been among the first to molt and I suspect/hope will be the first to cocoon.   About 2 days ago, I tried using the Cyan colored chow with this group.  The chow is supposed to color the worms, and if fed continuously up to cocoon, it should also color the cocoons and the resulting silk.  The longer they eat the food, the more intense their color should become. 

Day 1 of the colored food was not good.  They refused to eat and as a result, did not grow.  Then, I got smart and mixed the colored and regular chows together.  They ate like champions.  Over the next few days, I will attempt to wean them over to the blue chow exclusively and see what happens.  This bunch is under the ownership of my oldest son.  Ownership means he gets to name them all.  I am calling them the Blueberry Gang since he named one of them Blueberry.

I also have a group that I am going to start on purple chow.  My daughter is the owner of that group.  I'll post pics of their progress later.

Day 16

Day 17
Day 19

One of the "Blueberry Gang" with a regular fellow on Day 19.

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