Oct 15, 2014

Finished 1950's Girl's Dress

Remember the patterns I showed you a while ago?  

Well, here is my daughter's  finished dress based on the Butterick pattern above.  

Above:  My sweet girl with her cousin Cash.

Left:  "Really Mom?"

Below:  My favorite picture.  Isn't the setting gorgeous.  FYI, this was later in the day and she was tired of wearing the crinoline.  I love how  this dress transforms to a 1940's style if you remove it.  She looks so grown up.  

Did you miss something?
Pt. 3  - Trick for well matched seams

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  1. What a beautiful dress. I'll take one in every color. Lol. Abi has grown up so much and looks so pretty in it. You are so talented!!


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