Oct 31, 2014

F.F.F. - It's Halloween!!!!!!!

Today is a half day at school, which is awesome because it's HALLOWEEN!!!!
Since the kids will be home early, I started searching online to find something fun and not to hard to make that the kids can do with me. It was a tough decision with all the wonderful ideas that are out there, but these are the two I settled on. 

Those should occupy us for an hour or two, and be a nice addition to the sweet table for when our friends come over.  I'm also cutting up some apples and serving them with caramel dip.  Should be yummy, but kind of plain compare to all caramel/candy apple variations I came across. 

Like these sinister looking candy 

Don't like the candy crunch?  There's a
caramel version by Spoon University

Maybe you like caramel, but the black turns you off.  
You could try these

And who could resist the beautiful and drool worthy
Or a

Finger's crossed my kids won't see these.  I don't have time or the inclination to make candy apples today.  I'm sticking to my cut up apples and dip.  

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