May 22, 2011


cup of blaze, and deblazed cocoons

 All the silkies have now started or finished their cocoons.  Whoo hoooo!!!!!  The endless feeding and cleaning rituals that have taken up 2-3 hrs of every day the last 2 weeks are over.  Now, I just have to figure out what to do with all of those cocoons.  I have started removing the blaze.  Those are the first fibers the worms spin.  They act as a support structure for the cocoon. 

I plan on selecting a few of the best for breeding and will let all of the colors emerge.  However, I am hopful that my jr. sericulturist wil be open to the idea of stiffeling most of them.  Somehow, the concept of 150+ moths emerging and doing what they do does NOT sound appealing.

Cocoon with blaze still attatched.

Variation in size and shape of cocoons.

Color Variation L-R: natural, Glowing Cyan, Magic Purple,
unknown mix of Purple and Cotton Candy or Cyan ?,
Cotton Candy

L-R natural, Glowing Cyan, Magic Purple, unknown mix of
Magic Purple and Glowing Cyan or Cotton Candy,
Cotton Candy
65 natural cocoons in a "rearing container".

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